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"Ghosts within the machine"

1478 IE -- Since before Imperial history the Aizo Magicore Institute has been one of the primary places of magical learning in the world. Since you were found as an adept as a young child, it has been your dream to come here.

Ten years later, your dream would come true. In the past two months of training, you have learned much information under the foremost instructors of the world. You have also come to meet several new friends here.

Your two best friends here are Bale and Aavian. Bale is a neophyte like yourself, but struggling with his magical education. Both of you have been studying very hard for the upcoming round of exams.

Aavian is two years older than you and she is one of this institute's greatest young magical talents. Aavian has been involved with some special research project and you have not seen her much in the past couple weeks.

The three of you met as residents of Etcheverry Hall, a residence for the apprentices. It is now an early weekend morning. You are awakened by a knock on the door.

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