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Fission Point

"The Splitting of a Society"

1480 I.E. -- Three years have passed since the peace treaty was signed between the Sliths and the Undine at the edge of the Northern Periphery. Since that time, negotiations to secure peace in Avernum between the other races have seen much success.

The pinnacle of this new age of friendship lies at a settlement called Unity. Located in neutral territory, Unity was established as a joint effort between the factions of Avernum to help foster understanding and cooperation between them.

Progress at Unity has led to increased trust between the races. Despite radical elements in the societies, the major institutions of each are very close to striking a major agreement at the upcoming Unity Conference.

Althoss, the Slith leader in the Northern Periphery you assisted and since a major advocate of Slith-Imperial cooperaton, has requested you accompany him to Unity and serve as his honorary guard to symbolize the new trust for the Empire.

Wishing to see the friendly Slith leader once more and desiring to get away from paper pushing bureaucrats, you gladly accept the offer. The journey from Dasakkoss to Unity was quick and uneventful with the assistance of Imperial teleportation.

On the eve of the Unity Conference, you feel great pride in your deeds three years ago. The peace treaty between the Sliths and the Undine you helped secure in the Northern Periphery has brought the Empire a great ally and partly led to this historic event.

Beware, for those who do not share the desire for peace lurk in the shadows...

Fission Point is currently Under Construction. No release date has been set.

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