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"Spears clash! Of indignity? Or of broken promises?"

The year is 1477. Three years ago, fresh out of the academy, your superiors approached you with a special assignment. Although it was a "special" assignment, there was nothing to be desired in having it. About seventy years prior to this, the Empire began, in secret, to construct settlements in a long system of caverns far beneath the surface called Avernum. At one time, you were told, these caves were used to exile dissidents. Now ironically, it seems that loyal servants of the Empire (like you) are being exiled there.

The purpose of these settlements is not known to you. In fact, none of your direct superiors really know either. Only the few elite Imperial agents know why the Empire has chosen to maintain military outposts in the caverns. But then, they get to live in comfortable suites in and around Solaria, unlike you.

But to say these settlements have no point would be a bit erroneous. The Empire carries out many mining operations and a few secret magical experiments. In fact, some of the most powerful wizards in the world are stationed in these caves for some unknown purpose, at least to you anyway.

Fortunately, being Empire soldiers is not without a few perks. Twice a year, you get to return to the surface for two weeks, a kind of "shore leave". Unfortunately, these brief breaks seem more like two days, than two weeks. And what do you know, your leave has just ended and it is back to the caves for another six months.

Upon your return, you learn that you are being transferred to Fort Silver, a small fortress on the northern periphery of settled territory. Upon reaching the fort, you learn that the Empire is planning on expanding to the north should it prove feasible. Your job will be to conduct a survey of the mostly unexplored territory and report your findings.

Download Spears v1.0.1
Download Foreshadows -- a short movie prior to Spears.

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