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Spy's Quest

Spy's Quest was my first scenario released August 1998. This scenario has been acclaimed as one of the most difficult scenarios ever created. However, the main feature has been the innovations that were performed in the Blades editor within this scenario. This scenario is the first scenario to make use of 'Special Spells', a fairly popular technique used in many popular modern scenarios.

Although this scenario is definitely worthwhile, it should be noted that this was my first effort at scenario design. As advanced as the node sequences are, the plot is pretty hollow. In a way, it is somewhat of a disappointment for me.

Also note that Spy's Quest does NOT take place within the same universe of At the Gallows and all of its sequels. In fact, I consider AtG to actually be a twisted rewrite of Spy's Quest. If you play both, you should note many similarities between the two. However, there are numerous differences (no dungeons are duplicated) that merit playing both.

So, if you play this scenario, note that it is inferior to any other scenarios that I will produce. It may be a bit unbalanced and even buggy at a few points, but is still worth a look.

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