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Rebel Fortress

Questions: How do I get past the locked door in the garden? How do I get past the portcullis at 38,21? How do I get into the commanderÕs chambers? How do I get past the evil rune at 43,7? How do I get past the portcullis at 44,6? How do I find the location of the next item?

Welcome to the first real dungeon of SpyÕs Quest! At the beginning, there is a hallway leading into a central garden. The door to the north is locked. However, there is another way inside. At 18,31 there is a secret passage leading into the fort. This will let you inside.

This portcullis is closed in this hallway. This one is not opened by a lever or a button but by another way. At 44,39 is a good altar that has been desecrated. What you need to do is restore this altar. To do so, find the secret passage at 2,38 and continue north into the mountains. When you reach the end go into the secret passage and enter a destroyed storeroom. Search the space with the ashes and rubble (5,27) and take the altar stone.

Return to the altar and replace the stone. Return to the portcullis and it will open.

The commanderÕs chambers are west of the Briefing Room. To get in hit the button on the pedestal at 44,9.

The Evil Rune blocks your passage to the Tome of Dividus. To clear it, cast ritual of sanctification on the rune.

After the rune, is the final portcullis. To open this you will need to hit the lever at 9,9. To get there, you will need to go through the commanders chambers. The fight may be tough but is very possible. Search the bookshelf at 7,3 to find the passage. Go through the hallway with magical damage until you reach the lever.

Then return to the portcullis and the Tome of Dividus is yours!

Lastly, you need to find the location of another item. To do this go back to the commanderÕs office and search the desk at 4,4 to find its location. Take note of it and head onward to the Pits of Muck!

This is the first real dungeon to SpyÕs Quest. This place is pretty easy in comparison to the other dungeons. However, the fast appearing monsters should give the party a good challenge combat wise. Remember what you learned about my style here as it will help you greatly in the future.

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