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Second Barrier

Questions: How do I get in? How do I get past the quickfire maze? How do I solve the selentic puzzle?

To get in. Search the wall to the south.

The quickfire maze is easy if you know where the exit is. The doors are all impassable here. However, there is a secret door at 31,35 that will allow you to elude the flames.

The selentic puzzle is easy if you have sound. If you do not, you will need to read this. The room with the nine runes each plays a sound. Hitting them in the correct sequence will allow you to pass. The correct sequence can be attained from the crystal to the south.

Here are the sounds with the direction of rune in order:

Bubbles (E) Magical Noise 1 (SW) Bless Noise (N) Teleportation Sound (S) Cast Priest Spell (NE) Cast Mage Spell (W) Paralyze Sound (SE) Stoning Noise (NW) Draining Sound (center)

The monster encounters should not be overly difficult. If you have trouble with the puzzle, step on any of the runes besides the eastern one and begin again to reset the puzzle.

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