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Shrine of Oden

Shrine of Oden Questions: What is this place? How do I open the portculli to the north? How do I get past the teleportation maze? How do I get past the Vahnatai Lord’s weapon in the control room? How do I open the door to the observatory? How do I win the battle in the holotheater?

The Shrine of Oden is an ancient temple built by a highly advanced, and extinct alien civilization. The other shrines were built in water, high mountains, and a volcano. The fourth is constructed in space. The Vahnatai now occupy it.

The portculli to the northern area are opened by buttons. Here is a description of how to open each one:

Southern Portculli (32,24): This is the easiest to open. All you have to do is search the case at 17,6.

Middle Portculli (32,20): The most difficult of the three to open. First, go to the barracks. Then continue through the door to the west and into a control room. Slice up the Vahnatai in there and continue through the door to the south. Then you come to a maze of teleportation runes (see solution below). After you get through this, go into the Main Control Rooms. The northern room is easy. However, the navigation control room is not (See solution below). After this search the machinery to find secret passages. Then look at the crystal at 48,61 and press the button.

Northern Portculli (32,16): First, hit a button at 11,17. This will open the portcullis at 51,14. Go through the hallway and press the button at 51,3.

The teleportation maze is difficult because of some crafty moves that must be pulled. Ok, begin by stepping on the runes at 42,46 or 43,46. You will be moved to 41,51. From there, step on 43,54 which moves the party to 40,46. Now you come to a decision, the correct rune is 42,49 which teleports to 44,49. Next, you will need to do something unorthodox and unexpected. Restep on the rune at 44,49 to go to 37,53. Now you will have four choices. Select the northwest rune (or the rune at 37,51) to be taken to 39,58. Now proceed to the rune at 39,55 which takes the party to 36,47. Now you will see four runes. One is blocked (36,44) by another rune. This rune at 36,44 is your goal. To get there step on the rune in which you arrived on, or 36,47. You will then be moved to 36,45. From here, simply walk onto the rune at 36,44. This will take you to 45,47 (This rune returns you to the start of the maze). Slash through the Vahnatai Lord there and you will be in the Main Control Rooms.

Here is a recap of the maze:

42,46 or 43,46 to 41,51. 43,54 to 40,46. 42,49 to 44, 49. Restep on 44,49 to 37,57. 37,51 to 39,58. 39,55 to 36,47. Restep on 36,47 to 36,45. 36,44 to 45,47.

The Vahnatai Lord in the navigation room has a weapon that will blast the party back. This is hooked up to the Shrine’s power supply so it has an infinite use capacity. You must kill the Vahnatai Lord. To do this, dumbfound him and begin hitting him with kill spells. After he is dead, you will be able to proceed.

The observatory is not important at this juncture. However, this will be used later.

This is one of the toughest battles that you will face. When you enter, you the doors behind you close making an escape impossible. Now, this would be standard save the node near the center of the room. When you reach this area (you cannot step here in combat due to a BOE limitation) you will be teleported back by the Hologram. Rentar-Ihrno only has enough strength to do this five times. However, that can prove deadly. You will want to antimagic the Hologram and the Crystal Soul. Also, you may wish to dumbfound the Vahnatai Lords or antimagic them as well. Some simcarilums and summoning will help here (especially Ur-Basilisks or if possible, Vahnatai Lords!). Now, after five times, she will not have enough power to cast the spell. Approach the Hologram. When you are next to Rentar-Ihrno’s Image she will cast a spell that slows, curses, and drains all of your spell points! Energy potions may be needed here. After killing her, all of the monsters around you go and you have won!! Well, for now at least…

Basically, as a recap you will need to open the three gates by hitting the buttons. Reaching these are not easy considering the monsters and the dumbfounding every 50 moves. You will need Potions of Clarity to counteract this or a lot of spell points for a priest! Some suggested equipment would be: Potions of Clarity, Energy Potions, Alchemetical Ingredients, Wands of Nullity, and Invulnerability Potions.

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