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Tower of Liches

Questions: What is with the first room? What do the buttons do? How do I cross the fallen bridge? How do I beat Morbidian in the first encounter? Where is my goal? How do I get through the portal at 32,29? How do I win the second battle with Morbidian?

The first room is a circular room of six portculli. Two gates are open and four are closed. In the south and southeast passages are buttons which rotate the gates. The gates rotate in a clockwise direction. For instance, if the south and the northeast are open, when you press the button they will close and the southeast and the southwest portculli will open. You need to manipulate the gates to navigate through the tower.

The buttons do as they did in the twisting temple. They open and close terrain spaces. Here is a list of the button locations. Functions are not included. If you really get stuck, E-mail me for them.

18,49 43,55 12,29 56,43 44,53 57,18

There are four special buttons. These open a portcullis and close another. Both portculli are adjacent to each other. There is a button on each side of the gate and there are two sets of such gates in the tower. (Hence four buttons; two per set). These need to be carefully managed to manipulate the available areas. The coordinates are listed below.

9,27 5,27 14,12 10,12

All of these must carefully be manipulated because they grant and deny access to certain points in the tower by their use.

The bridge has a button of its own. This is at 12,40. There are two positions the bridge can be in. When it is down, the area south of the button is open. When the bridge is up, the area is blocked. Another detail you must pay attention to to finish the Tower.

Morbidian appears about halfway through the tower. He will begin casting “Absorb Soul” spells on you. They are EXTREMELY dangerous!!! Although, they have a low (10%) success rate, they do have a chance to take away a point of strength, dexterity, or intelligence. This is very dangerous if you wait too long as your statistics could really fall!!

To win, search for a secret passage north of Morbidian. After you find it, he will disappear. Unfortunately, you will have a nice plague to contend with. Do not worry, if you have Major Cleansing (you should by now!!) this should not be a problem.

You want to reach the portal at 32,29. It is just north of the rotating portculli room. Unfortunately, it is blocked by a wall. A button will open the way to it.

The portal has a password attached to it. This is gained from a person that you talked to, or at least should have. The only problem is that person is now dead and you have no hope of getting the special word if you do not know it already.

This person was pretty important so you should be able to find him. If you have trouble with this start a new game and talk to everyone important until you find the word. Reload and enter the password.

The second battle is tough. Your goal is to kill Hadesoni and Necroados, the other two Dark Liches beside Morbidian. This is tough because Morbidian is constantly pelting the party with special spells. Your targets are behind a large table. One on each side with Morbidian in the center (Morbidian is invulnerable). There is no area behind this so only one PC will be able to confront each Dark Lich at a time.

The goal is survival. Two immobile Mechknights protect each side. So they must be killed before the Dark Liches can be confronted. There are five other monsters of interest. Two Haakai. This is tough to fight; use antimagic. The Haakai Lord is the same; antimagic works. Probably the worst are the two Mung Demons. These should be killed immediately!! Else they will drain all of your spell points.

You will need invulnerability to do this. Protection and Major Blessing are the spells of choice here. Be forewarned Morbidian’s magic is strong! Antimagic all three of the Dark Liches and give a fighter the Mace of Disruption; if you have it. After you kill the Dark Liches, excluding Morbidian, you will win and Morbidian will teleport away!! Enjoy the short rest as Rentar-Ihrno is next!

This is probably the most difficult puzzle in the game. The combat at the end is also hard but it is only a mere taste of what is to come. The worst feature of this place is the draining. Be sure to have Healing Potions, Energy Potions, and Potions of Clarity (you will need this in the last battle). And good luck!!

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