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Twisting Temple

Questions: What is this place? What do the buttons do? What is the goal of this place? How do I open the locked door at 19,17? What are some coordinates?

The Twisting Temple is a dungeon just like its name. It includes many buttons which allow the temple to literally twist.

The key to this place is the buttons. The effects of the buttons is that they change terrain. By doing this, areas are opened and closed off to the party.

The goal is NOT to push all of the buttons or push them in a certain order but to navigate to a special place by using the buttons. This place is a case with a key inside. Unfortunately, this case is not visible at first and you will need to press the correct button to change a wall at 41,23 into the case with the key.

Behind this door is the final enemy of this place. You will need the key from the case at 41,23.

Here are some coordinates:

58,9 - Button (Opens - 50,19/Closes - 56,37) 34,5 - Button (Opens - 34,26/Closes - 44,8 ) 39,53 - Button (Opens - 56,37; 14,32; 44,8 /Closes - 4 ,32) 47,48 - Button (Opens - 4 ,32/Closes - 45,23) 2 ,42 - Button (Opens - 20,59/Closes - 56,37) 26,59 - Button (Opens - 53,52/Changes to case - 41,23) 39,57 - Button (Opens - 45,23/Closes - 44,8 ) 60,2 - Button (Opens - 44,8 ) 41,23 - Case w./ Basalt Key 19,17 - Locked Door (Need Basalt Key to Unlock) 5 ,9 - BE PREPARED FOR BIG FIGHT BEFORE STEPPING HERE!!! 5 ,4 - Location of Main Enemy 16,7 - Exit Portal

The above coordinates are somewhat ordered but some buttons need to be hit more than once. Some judgment will need to be used to solve this difficult puzzle. Be sure to be prepared for this dungeon as alchemy helps out here as this trek can prove long and the monsters are difficult.

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